I also have alot of fond memories of uncle Doug, such as his amazing flips he taught me in the barn hayloft or his nunchuck skills or Bruce Lee impressions. It was very clear to me how much he especially loved his two beautiful daughters and his extended...
jeramie pietron
2020-12-17 19:49:01
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My "Christian" Brother Doug
My brother Doug will never be forgotten and will always be loved. I have many memories of my brother Doug which will always be instilled in my heart and mind. Doug's attitude and character, I will not forget! For I took his attitude and character tow...
2020-12-14 13:38:39
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There are so many beautiful things that stick out in my mind about Doug, and the kind of brother he was, and what a Gift from God that he was, and still is, to our family. Right from childhood, as a little boy, Doug was the one I followed around the most...
2020-12-13 18:58:54
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Blessed Brother
I thank GOD for our Beautiful Blessed Brother who loved the LORD. I wish I could give him one more hug and tell him how much I love him. As a child growing up, I use to love to watch him practise his sport in Karate in the barn, his moves were ...
2020-12-13 15:31:25
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Music Fun
Here is a link to a video of Doug, family and friends playing music at the farm. If you have a Facebook account, you should be able to view it. Joe Panchyshyn
Joe Panchyshyn
2020-12-13 12:32:20
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Good times at the farm
There was always good food, good music and good fun. Mom and Dad taught us to love and love God. Along with this came the love of music. Growing up I watched and listened to Mom and Dad sing and Dad playing guitar. Kathie showed me a few chords on the g...
Joe Panchyshyn
2020-12-13 12:26:21
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My funny Uncle Doug
I have so many memories of Uncle Doug. Many of them were at my grandparents Southampton farm and most of them are humorous and fun! He was always full of laughter and had numerous silly jokes to make us smile. Like how there always seemed to be an invi...
Jamie Adams
2020-12-12 17:18:20
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Great Memories of a Great Brother-in-law
I will miss Dougs happy face and positive attitude, as well as his perfectly placed jokes. He always knew how to put a smile on my face and brighten my day, including when he would crank out tunes on the banjo, which was one of my first introductions to ...
2020-12-12 17:09:44
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I thank God for my brother Doug, and will miss him greatly. *** Mom and Dad raised all seven of us children to the very best of their ability in a home full of love for God and His ways, love for each other, love for music, love for people, and love fo...
2020-12-12 16:44:22
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Big brother Big heart
It is so hard to believe that you are gone ! I will forever have great memories of you as our big brother making all of us laugh. You were a true soldier of Gods word and lived by it every single day. You will be truly missed by all your brothers and sisters...
2020-12-11 06:30:35
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