Loretta Firth
In Memory of
Loretta Mae
Firth (McKeen)
1942 -
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Condolence From: Patti Firth
Condolence: This is a correction of the dates of my prior message. I apologize for the rewrite. It was on June 13 Mom started Chemotherapy treatment for the first time. Didn't go so well. On June 4 was when she was admitted on the emergency floor and she was discharged on June 5 from Emergency floor to upstairs on Observatory floor, and discharged from the Welland Hospital the morning of June 6 2018. So she had first told me of the other Cancers that were found after I first found her on the Emergency floor on June 4 2018 and where she was diagnosed after a short admittance.
Monday November 26, 2018
Condolence From: Patti Firth
Condolence: Mom I want to change what I said, I am very sorry, you were first diagnosed with Cancer 11 years ago, and went into remission. On June 13 you layed in the emergency hospital bed, you cried telling me you have had 4 Cancers in total. I am sorry to you in now knowing that you were getting ill all that time, with you using that Cancer causing agent carcinogen yearly. You fed us all from the food you grown, and you made us every meal. You used that carcinogen for a very long time from the time we were little to kill the weeds for bigger plants to produce more vegetables for us to eat, you worked hard at being a mother and you deserved a better outcome for all your hard work with a longer life. I loved you Mom and I always will, missing you dearly. Patricia
Sunday November 25, 2018
Condolence From: Patti Firth
Condolence: Mom you were there to lend an ear when I needed to talk about what was going on in my life over the years. It gave me strength and I found relief in your voice, somehow at times. You managed our home and family with routine, and guided us through with your planning, though you left us in separation, and in sorrow. It is hard to write about you in this way, but I felt you always wanted to leave us anyway.
Things that were done early, and over time had hardened and left us in dismay. No visit or call has weakened us over time and we feel that we were betrayed. Leaving us with a lost sense of the meaning in life, with family repeatedly to share with you over the years, Somehow I always tried, in finding myself only trying to go back to find full circle and turnaround what was lost, but regretfully, and in sorrow I found you had allowed your family be washed away.
Monday July 30, 2018
Condolence From: Linda Firth
Condolence: Mom. May you ever grow in our hearts You were the Grace that placed itself where lives where torn apart. You call out to us and you whispered to those in pain. Now you belong to God in heaven and the stars spell out your name Bye for now until we meet again. I love you Linda
Wednesday July 25, 2018