241 West Main Street
Welland, ON
Phone: 905-735-1414


As a convenience to our community we have included a listing of many of the local churches in our area. A growing number of churches are starting to publish their own web sites to allow visitors to learn more about their clergy, congregation and many other features and services of the church.


All Peoples Church  
Chaffey & Hill Welland ON
Phone: 905-732-7431
All Saints Church  
80 Forks Road Welland ON
Phone: 905-735-0061
Calvary Gospel Church  
739 South Pelham Road Welland ON
Phone: 905-735-1293
Central United Church  
12 Young Street Welland ON
Phone: 905-735-2333
Cooks Mills United Church  
18 Guest Street Welland ON
Phone: 905-732-1432
Eglise Sacre-Coeur  
72 Empire Street Welland ON
Phone: 905-735-5823
Faith Tabernacle  
380 South Pelham Road Welland ON
Phone: 905-735-6811
First Baptist Church  
165 Sydney Place Welland ON
Phone: 905-734-3312
Holy Trinity Anglican Church  
77 Division Street Welland ON
Phone: 905-734-3543
Hungarian Presbyterian Church  
142 Second Street Welland ON
Phone: 905-735-0636
Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall  
868 Lyon's Creek Road Welland ON
Phone: 905-732-3116
Knox Presbyterian Church  
335 Fitch Street Welland ON
Phone: 905-735-3050
Our Lady of Hungary Roman Catholic Church  
337 Hellems Avenue Welland ON
Phone: 905-734-3772
Parish Community of St. Kevin  
307 Niagara Street Welland ON
Phone: 905-735-5885
Website: http://www.stkevin.on.ca
Rice Road Community Church  
305 Rice Road Welland ON
Phone: 905-735-5898
Rosedale Baptist Church  
11 Rosedale Place Welland ON
Phone: 905-735-0788
Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church  
300 Chaffey Street Welland ON
Phone: 905-734-4824
Website: http://www.iaw.on.ca/~ppchurch
St. Andrew the Apostle Roman Catholic Church  
East Main Street and St. Andrew Avenue Welland ON
Phone: 905-732-5046
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church  
29 Bald Street Welland ON
Phone: 905-734-4831
St. Anthony of Padova - Croation Roman Catholic Parish  
360 River Road Welland ON
Phone: 905-732-3839
St. Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church  
295 St. Augustine Avenue Welland ON
Phone: 905-734-9912
St. David's Anglican Church  
369 Thorold Road Welland ON
Phone: 905-734-4627
St. John's Greek Catholic Church  
111 Second Street Welland ON
Phone: 905-735-3433
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church  
90 Griffith Street Welland ON
Phone: 905-734-3143
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church  
Kent Street and Griffith Street Welland ON
Phone: 905-734-4746
Welland Brethren in Christ  
50 Lincoln Street Welland ON
Phone: 905-734-7250
Wellspring Community Church  
370 South Pelham Road Welland ON
Phone: 905-735-2503
Wesley United Church  
244 First Avenue, North Welland ON
Phone: 905-735-5912
Website: http://www.wesleyunitedchurch.org


St. Alexander Roman Catholic Church  
#28 Highway 20 Fonthill ON
Phone: 905-892-3090
Website: http://www.stalexander.on.ca